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The Odds of Recovery


Script, direction, cinematography, editing and sound editing by Su Friedrich

Additional cinematography by Joel Schlemowitz

Funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Foundation of the Arts, and Charette Communications

16mm, color
65 minutes

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Faced with her sixth surgery and an ongoing hormone imbalance, the filmmaker turns the camera on a difficult patient—herself—and analyses the chances for a happier, healthier life.

"...the deft interplay of voices, words and images creates a steady accretion of metaphors and insights that are sharp and multilayered. While Friedrich effectively critiques Western medicine and demonstrates exhilarating filmmaking skills, its true achievement is as self-portraiture, boldly revealing a woman in all her difficult, naked complexity."
—Holly Willis, LA WEEKLY

"...engrossing, good-humored, and confidently assembled...Recovery captures the frustration, tedium and petty annoyances of a revolving-door relationship with medical practitioners."
—Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"What could have been a health-care screed becomes a middle-aged meditation on mortality. 'You frighten yourself with that fear of not being totally in control,' says her therapist. 'What would happen if you gave that up?' One answer is Odds itself, which settles down into its own engagingly crafted, smoothly mellow rhythm."

Selected Film Festival Screenings and Awards:
FEMMEDIA AWARD—BEST DOCUMENTARY, Identities 2003 Film Festival, Austria
Madcat Women’s Film Festival; National Women's Studies Association Conference; Wisconsin Film Festival; Women In the Director’s Chair, Chicago; London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; Athens Film Festival; The New Festival at BAM; American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Conference, Montreal





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